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Menopause is the stage at which the ovaries stop producing estrogen. The adrenal glands (small organs on top of each kidney) endure making estrogen hormone, as does fat tissue. But the ovaries have formed the utmost share of the body estrogen for years, and when they leave, the blood levels of estrogen drop drastically.

Many women at around age 50 go through menopause. For some, the feeling is just fine, both physically and psychologically. Nonetheless, some women are concerned with symptoms, which includes hot flashes, depression, anxiety, irritability, and other problems.

Widely known as the best natural supplements for menopause is the herbal-based formula, Estro-FEM. The best vitamins for hot flash come with its unique blend of black cohosh, plant extracts, dong quai, gamma oryzanol. It helps to decrease temperature spikes, irritability, night sweats and upsurges energy. Harnessing the hand-picked botanical extracts to restrained mood and support through each phase of a woman’s life cycle – these best natural supplements for menopause provide all of the goodness on-the-go lifestyles of women’s health

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  • Relieves menopause symptoms.
  • Maintains vaginal health.
  • Helps get rid of ovary issues.
  • Protects your bones.


Q. What vitamins are good for menopause?

The Estro-FEM by OjusLife is the best natural supplements for menopause. Taking the best vitamin for hot flashes during and after menopause may help tame avoid symptoms caused by low serotonin levels.

Q. Are prenatal vitamins good for menopause?

Taking a prenatal vitamin is completely healthy if you do not want to conceive. While it won’t sustain fertility, it will replenish vitamin D, folic acid, iron, and calcium stores in the body. This can assist keep you strong and prevent possible health complications in an unforeseen pregnancy.

Q. Which is the best vitamin for menopause?

To reduce the symptoms of menopause, women are suggested to take some of the best vitamins. One of them is ‘Estro-FEM’, which helps women in reducing hot flashes and other severe symptoms of menopause.

Q. Is Estro-FEM effective for PMS and hot flashes?

Yes, this natural-herbal and the best vitamin for hot flashes is effective for women suffering from the painful symptoms of menopause.


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Relieves menopause symptoms
Prevents hot flashes
Maintains vaginal health

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