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Taking adequate sleep improves both physical and mental health. A good night sleep helps progress your memory, learning, decision-making and even your creativity. So, getting proper sleep has been associated with a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke or obesity. Here’s a fact, 50-70 million U.S. adults suffer from some form of sleep disorder, especially insomnia.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland. That’s a pea-sized gland found just above the middle of your brain and plays a vital role in your sleeping pattern. Generally, the body makes added melatonin during night. People use the melatonin supplement when they have insomnia and for preventing jet lag.

The best vitamins for sleep support i.e. Melatonin supplement plays a key role in sustaining a healthy central nervous system (CNS). Having glycine as the ingredient, vitamins for sleep & mood can help recover memory retrieval in individuals with a wide diversity of sleep-deprivation conditions. Also, our product is a herbal-based formula.

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  • Helps you fall asleep quickly & promotes restful night sleep.
  • Helps regulate your body temperature.
  • Controls blood pressure & hormone levels.
  • Maintains sleep schedule.


Q. Which is the best supplement for sleep support?

Melatonin is the hormone that your body produces naturally, which supports your brain to sleep. Hence, Melatonin is the sleep support supplement formulated by OjusLife. You can use the melatonin supplement if you are suffering from insomnia.

Q. Is Melatonin effective against Insomnia?

Yes, the best vitamins for sleep support i.e. Melatonin supplement plays a major role in controlling a healthy central nervous system (CNS). Melatonin is the vitamin for insomnia and also enhances the mood.   

Q. Do sleep supplements really work?

Yes, adding a sleep support supplement can address the underlying cause of sleep disturbance and likely to improve sleep pattern. Having herbal ingredients, the vitamin for sleep promotes and regulates sleep cycle.

Q. Which vitamins can improve your sleep pattern?

The best sleep support supplements is Melatonin, preferably. You can also have vitamins like Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, and Magnesium for sleep pattern. 


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Helps you fall asleep quickly
Controls blood pressure & hormone levels
Helps regulate your body temperature

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