MK-7 | Vitamin for Bones, Joints & Dental Health | 60 Capsules
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Having strong bones in youth lays a foundation for good bone health throughout life. We must pay attention to building our bone density during our teens. The bone-building procedure is mainly completed around age 20. As grownups, we still replenish old bone with new bone, but more sluggishly. Over time, our bones get shakier. Children with strong bones have a healthier chance of preventing bone weakness later in life.

Our bones does all the work behind our body movement. But when a bone breaks, it is a massive deal as bones take time to heal, even for kids as well.

Maintaining bone and joint health is an essential component of living a healthy life. Our bones and joints become more delicate with our age, so it is vital to look after them carefully. Being fit and active, and devoting plenty of time outdoors, is a first step to start with. Equally crucial is making sure you eat a balanced, healthy, and diverse diet, paying interest to key nutrients that assist bones and joints during our lives.

Emerging research emphasizes the significance of optimum intake of vitamin K2 and its key role in maintaining bone and cardiovascular health. MK7-60 CT, vitamins for bone and joints are composed of a group of naturally occurring and structurally similar, fat-soluble essentials. Also, dental vitamin supplements are required for the proper utilization of calcium and help to bind newly absorbed calcium to the bone matrix.

Vitamin K2 helps preserve bone mineral density by lowering the activity of osteoclasts, cells which break down bone. It also offers an essential cardiovascular shield by activating matrix Gla protein (MGP), a powerful inhibitor of circulatory calcification. 

Alongside with vitamin D, an added key nutrient needed for overall wellness, these two nutrients act in synergy to sustain and maintain bone, and cardiovascular health. Modern-day research has discovered high-concentration supplementation, at 180 mcg/day, results in increased clinical results associated with lower-dose supplementation

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  • Maintains healthy bones 
  • Supports Cardiovascular health
  • Supports dental health
  • Helps prevent bleeding gums


Question: Which vitamins are essential for bones and joints?

Enough calcium and vitamin D can help maintain bone strength and decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis. And, calcium and vitamin d are the major components of MK7 60CT- the vitamins for bones and joints. Also, it is an excellent source of dental vitamin supplements. 

Question: How do I strengthen my bones and joints?

For healthy bones and joints, you must eat a healthy diet, take ample sunlight and consume vitamins for bones and joints. Besides, MK7 is used as a dental vitamin supplement. 

Question: Which vitamin deficiency causes joint pain?

The low levels of vitamin D often lead to joint pain. Vitamin D supplement and vitamins for bones & joints may reduce joint pain in some people suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

Question: Is MK7 good for teeth and gums also?

Yes, apart from acting as a vitamin for bone and joints, MK7 is considered as the key dental vitamin supplement that protects teeth and gums.

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  1. Miley Taylor

    I was ashamed to even smile due to my yellow bleeding teeth. I have been using MK7 supplements by OjusLife and have regained my natural teeth colour. The bleeding in my gum has thoroughly stopped and my teeth look healthier. I definitely recommend the supplement to everyone who has dental problems.

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Maintain healthy bones
Supports Cardiovascular health
Supports dental health

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